Filson x Sidnaw vest
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Catch and release: Filson x Sidnaw Vest

Missed it! This lovely outdoor vest collaboration between Filson and Sidnaw, a Michigan-based outdoor apparel company, bounced from in-box to sold-out-in-my-size in a blink. Everything about the ingredient list for this garment is top notch: Filson deadstock waxed-cotton fabric (8-oz. oil finish Cover Cloth and the Burnt Olive with 11-oz. oil finish Shelter Cloth) for …

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Filson Italy People

This Fall, the Filson catalog rolled out a steady stream of gents (and a few women) jumping snowmobiles, fighting fires and toying with chainsaws (a far remove from the old glass plate snaps of early 20th century Filson-garbed lumberjacks posing beside an almost apologetic axe gash). Tech fabrics are now actively mixing it up with …

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Archival DIY: Reproofing Waxed Cotton (updated)

Martexin reproofing wax. Operating instructions on the can. Archival Clothing endorses waxed cotton because it’s a rugged, natural, water resistant fabric that requires only wax reproofing to maintain its finish. Waxed cotton users should know how to reprooof their jackets, hats, and bags. Both Filson and Barbour offer factory reproofing services but we recommend performing …

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