Archival DIY: Reproofing Waxed Cotton (updated)

Martexin reproofing wax. Operating instructions on the can. Archival Clothing endorses waxed cotton because it’s a rugged, natural, water resistant fabric that requires only wax reproofing to maintain its finish. Waxed cotton users should know how to reprooof their jackets, hats, and bags. Both Filson and Barbour offer factory reproofing services but we recommend performing …

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Shopping From The Present

Wax in Summer

Long before the invention of flyweight fabrics and ultralight backpacks, outdoorsy folk chose waxed canvas packs because they were durable, attractive, extremely waterproof and comfortable to carry (no dampness on the back). If you are browsing the Archival line and looking for one bag model that will serve you for seasons to come, try the …

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