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Wax in Summer

Jaan Rõõmus_Rucksack



Long before the invention of flyweight fabrics and ultralight backpacks, outdoorsy folk chose waxed canvas packs because they were durable, attractive, extremely waterproof and comfortable to carry (no dampness on the back). If you are browsing the Archival line and looking for one bag model that will serve you for seasons to come, try the Archival Rucksack in waxed twill. It’s our flagship bag. All parts – from hardware to leather to webbing – are of the highest quality. It’s terrific in wet, wintery conditions but excels – and still looks handsome – on a summer hike or Central Park picnic.

Speaking of wax – summer is the best time to reproof all of your waxed Archival products. Grab a tin of Martexin Original Wax, set up an outdoor work station and follow these DIY instructions to add back a protective layer of wax to your bags, caps and jackets. Martexin is an ideal wax for the first-time reproofer, being slightly softer and easier to spread than many other waxes. Good luck!


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