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Wishful Shopping: Barbour Margaret Howell Spey
Margaret Howell Spey on clearance via Nordstroms Rack

I’ve seen a few of these Barbour Margaret Howell Spey jackets kicking around Rakuten and the Nordstroms rack (and more obliquely, on the MHL site). Personally, I prefer the original unisex version made by Barbour (using heavier duty brass hardware, a thick mat of a cord collar and more to-the-point pocketing) for actual use in waist deep waterways. However, I would trade some of the durability of the original for the tailored fit of the newer edition. Like many Barbour white label ventures, I think the model has already come and gone.

Here are the versions for men: Barbour for MH and Barbour for Japan

Copy from Barbour: “Created in collaboration with British designer Margaret Howell, this archive-inspired wax jacket is cut to an oversized fit with an A-line shape, a corduroy top collar and a detachable hood. A wallet pocket sits behind the front placket, while a throat flap and capacious pockets add functionality and authenticity.”

1990s Barbour Spey

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