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Wishful Shopping: South 2 West 8 Field Bag (and the people who carry them)

I primarily supply my field bag needs from Brady but I’m tempted by one of these potentially unavailable waxed cotton field bags or totes from South 2 West 8 (likely made for them by Brady or Chapman or Hardy or some other venerable UK subcontractor from the usual ingredient list: canvas, leather, webbing and metal hardware). I’m not in love with the nickel fittings on the field bag but I do adore the red netting and waxed cotton main body. It reminds of the old waxed bags Barbour Highland Thornproof bags they used to sell in the 1990s. The South 2 West 8 line was released in 2018 but the only current stockist I see is Nepenthes in London.

Barbour Thornproof from of yore

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