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Archival Archery

August 4th, 2014

It’s August – the last month for larky summer sporting events. Here are some well appointed sportswomen participating in a national archery tournament in the summer of 1915.






Archival Athletes

March 26th, 2013
From the Musee McCord Museum Archives, here are some terrific photographs of individual and team sports from the turn of the (past) century.  I love reprinting images of historical athletes as evidence of a time when athletic prowess was conflated with a snappy, well tailored presentation for the camera.  Here, in the McCord image set, both male and female athletes wear sporting garb that could easily double as street clothing.  I long for the days when heraldic emblems, plus fours, bowler hats, wool knits and striped tunics were de rigeur elements of the the amateur sporting uniform.
 John Lowe, 1931
 Frank Barnwell, 1891
Louis Rubenstein, 1893
 Rowing Crew, 1871
Fencers, 1925
 “Bonnie Lassies” group, 1891

Hurdle race on snowshoes, 1892
Trafagler Basketball Institute, 1928
 YWCA Water Polo Team, 1925

Bank of Montreal Hockey Team, 1895
 Kahnawake Lacrosse, 1867
Wesleyan Thelogical Basketball Team, 1916
Physical Education Hockey Group, 1925

Archival Snow Sports

January 9th, 2013
Long before Warren Miller, Dwight Watson, amateur photographer and mountaineer, documented snow sport culture in the pacific northwest.  I’ve been browsing Watson’s 1940s era images on the UW Digital Collections site.  As a non-skier, I’m drawn to Watson’s more casual scenes showing sportsmen and women at rest – at the lodge, in ensemble poses.  As always, I endorse how outdoor clothing from the past resembles everyday garb.  There is very little evidence of performance fabrics or ski specific clothing in these images. I love the visual flourish of the Cross County skiers wearing neckties to finish their outfits.  Style in the face of a chill!

Browse through the Watson collection as inspiration for staging your own heritage snow sports day ala the great tweed run.

Vintage Sportswomen

July 19th, 2009

Suede jacket (“a dozen uses in its warmth and lightness”)

Safari in sneakers

At the Duchess County show

Golf and Yachting

Watching the trotters

Upland shooting attire

Carrots to her horse

Archival Pageant

Campwear (“following a code and creed of dress”)

Sweater, shorts and loafers

Holland and Holland

Here is Marion Taylor’s report on some 1920 shopping options for the sportwoman looking for country clothing and attractive accessories (apologies for the June in January focus of her article).

Aside from Filson, Barbour and Beretta (and for a privileged demographic, Holland & Holland), who is minding the store for the current generation of archival sportswomen?

In the area of footwear, I’m happy to report that British Sporting Ltd still carries a scotchgrain boot for women by Crockett and Jones. Full country clothing selection, including Crockett and Jones, and Barbour, available here.