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Archival Guest Appearance

September 3rd, 2012

I love it when Archival customers emerge from the ether to visit our headquarter in Eugene, Oregon. This weekend, Patrick H., a longtime AC reader, dropped by on his way back from a Victoria, BC, to San Francisco bike tour. Patrick first reached out to Archival asking for SF shop recommendations (we have many!). It was great to hear about Patrick’s trip and his work at MEC – the Canadian equivalent of REI. Unsurprisingly, Patrick and I share many mutual obsessions – from lugged steel Rivendell bicycles and Filson field bags to notebooks and fine writing instruments. Documentary evidence of Patrick’s visit below:

Outside Archival headquarters: Patrick on his nicely appointed, Rivendell Sam Hillborne

Skywalker Pez dispenser – a touring talisman

Original Rivendell Baggins Little Joe (a frequent catch and release in my own bag collection).

Mutual bike documentation – Patrick photographing my Velo Orange mixte

Patrick’s small Filson field bag – purchased for a bike tour in Europe

Data exchange – Patrick’s blog

Patrick w/his new Archival Plain Musette

Archival Storefront

February 16th, 2012

We often get emails about whether Archival has a retail store in Eugene, Oregon (our hometown). While we do have a commercial building in Eugene, it’s primarily used as a warehouse and shipping center. If you make an appointment (via, we’d be happy to show you our wares in person.

If we did have a flagship Archival store, it might look like this: