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Shopping from ebay: Beaulieu Movie Cameras

August 5th, 2013

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One of my most prized, obsolete possessions is a Beaulieu S2008 Super 8 motion picture camera.  I’ve owned this camera for over twenty years without using it to shoot a single frame of film.  I purchased it in the 90s from the original owner who advised me to replace the decaying battery.  After costing out my options, I discovered that a replacement battery would cost more than the camera was worth.  As it were, I’ve held onto the non functional camera as evidence of an era when film and motion picture cameras were designed to be both functional, durable and beautiful.  In researching my own camera, I discovered all sorts of terrific print ephemera on ebay including operating manuals, lens boxes and magazine ads.  I’m posting a few of my favorite examples plus hero shots of several stunning Beaulieu motion picture camera models. 

Archival Field Trip – San Francisco

May 30th, 2013


Rancourt mocs at Taylor Stitch
  Random encounters with Rivendell


Sound level monitoring

 Mister Self Edge

 Harris tweed castoff

Sushi Boat

Wishful Shopping – Analog Edition

December 14th, 2012

Here are some analog items that I wish I were buying as gifts (or, in a true Christmas miracle, unwrapping myself).  Since many of these artifacts are out of production or difficult to source,  I  recommend that you print out the images below and create your own wishful tree ornaments.


Shopping from ebay : Brooks-Veriwide

April 13th, 2012

Here’s your chance to bid on a Brooks-Veriwide, one of my favorite, medium format, panoramic cameras. Manufactured in Japan under license from Graflex, the Veriwide takes stunning, wide angle, 6 x 9 images. Even though I’ve moved to near all digital photography, I still shop for these older, rare bird cameras via ebay. I dream of the day that affordable digital backs or iPhone mounts become available for classic camera. For now, I’ll capture and record images of the Veriwide itself so we can appreciate what we’re missing:

Earlier, Brooks Plaubel Veriwide 100. A more elegant, compact version of the Brooks Veriwide.

Visit the Brooks-Veriwide pool on flickr to see photographs taken with this amazing camera.

Archival Visit – HUGE magazine

February 24th, 2012

Last weekend we were honored with a visit from the Japanese “hi-style” magazine HUGE. HUGE is doing a feature on Oregon manufacturers and we were pleased that they included Archival in their itinerary. On Sunday, the HUGE team visited our sewing contractor’s facility in Springfield to get some live action snaps of Terry at work.

It was a pleasure to watch Nick, a professional photographer, at work. Here he is taking light meter readings before shooting Terry. I love that Nick shoots on film.

Nick and Takuhito, delightful gents

Documenting how Terry sets washers and snaps.

Checking Polaroids of me. I’m posing in front of a Quonset hut.

I endorse Takuhito’s twin pack approach to rucksack portage. Nicole, AC Production Manager, dodging the camera in background.

Archival heirlooms: Mamiya 645, Domke canvas camera bag and Kodak 120 Portra film.

Nick’s back up rig – an Olympus Stylus point and shoot. I like his Makr carry pouch.

Prepping Rucksacks for their close ups

Archival Review: Camera Accessories

May 18th, 2011

As a follow up to my post on film cameras, here are a few archival accessories to complete your kit.

Custom straps and leather cases by Luigi (image courtesy Martin Sequerah).

Waxed cotton camera satchel by Strawfoot bags (image and review via Wood & Faulk)

Diminuitive Avea gadget pockets and pouches by Billingham

Economical Gnome custom bag for the GRiii (waxed canvas and truck tarping)
Synthetic exception. Durable neoprene SLR camera cover by Zing

Domke pouches in dry finish and waxed canvas. Made in USA

Calumet protective wrap. Great, less structured approach to transporting equipment

Ona waxed cotton camera bag insert. Designed for non-camera bags

My Billingham insert and camera bag. Too much leather trim for my taste but made from best quality materials. I’ve moved the insert over to my Archival Field Bag

Beautiful mono tubular Tiltall tripods. Still made in USA. I found mine at a thrift store. Great info page on the history of Tiltall here

Shopping from 1995: Film Cameras

May 15th, 2011
Mail order catalog from the original Camera World (Portland, Oregon)

Photographer friend Rick has proposed we that we shoot film exclusively this summer. Given my refrigerated stockpile of 35mm and 120 roll film, I’m accepting this challenge w/the caveat that bike, blog and product photography will still be done digitally. In prep for the summer, I’m browsing the pages of the 1995 Camera World catalog for a new camera (you always need a new one). Most of the cameras here are aspirational models (compact, complicated point and shoots or expensive rangefinders) that I admired but could never afford. Although the flagship Camera World store has been bought out, I’m hoping the customer service folks will honor the original published prices and deliver my equipment in time for the June project start.

Shop from these pages and join us!

Contax G1 (autofocus rangefinder). Old school version of this camera.

Konica Hexar (another point and shoot rangefinder).

Canon F-1. Last chance to buy one of the best, all metal, manual control SLRs.

Contaxt T2. A favorite. Sharp lens. Compact body point and shoot. Known celebrity use.

Leica mini zoom. Reasonable compact digital camera replacement.

Domke canvas duck camera bags. Made in USA.

Pentax 6×7. Love the wooden grip handle.

Mamiya 6. All time favorite. Medium format rangefinder.

For screening snaps in September

Next post: camera accessories.