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Shopping from Japan – Cyclo Tourist Bags

April 15th, 2013
Thanks to Bill Lane at Wall Bike for reprinting this pictographic feature on front handlebar bags from the Japanese magazine Cyclo Tourist.  Apart from Guu-Watanabe, Ostrich and Berthoud, many of the brands are new to me.

For reference, here is my post from 2008 showing the of the range of French, US and Japanese made handlebar bags in use by my randonneuring friends.  

Shopping from Guuwatanabe: Custom Bags

January 30th, 2009

I was thrilled to find that my favorite Tokyo bag maker, Co. Ltd guu-watanabe, is now posting photos to flickr. Though I’ve always admired Guu-Watanabe’s cycling luggage (available in the US, here), I’m newly interested in the custom bags he produces for everyday use (ukulele carrying cases, garden spade holsters, city totes, school satchels, etc.). To browse or make a purchase, see Guu’s Flickr photostream here.

Shopping from the past: Rucksacks

November 26th, 2008

Photo from a 1998 Filson catalog

Brady rucksack (Japan only)

Frost River rucksack photos courtesy Style Forum

Barbour catalog model with rucksack (make/model?)

If I lived in Japan I’d be president of a regional Filson “going outside” club. We’d take pictures of ourselves wearing full Filson outfits and go on Filson themed camping trips (ala Snow Peak).

My club would write yearly letters to CC Filson petitioning them to bring back clothing and accessories that had been discontinued from their original product line. This year, we would write a letter requesting that Filson reintroduce the nice box style rucksack w/a simple cinch top pictured (in postage stamp scale) in their 1998 catalog. We would request that Filson have the bag made out of the original tin cloth from the Martin company and launch the rucksacks as part of a larger “heritage” line of luggage and clothing based on historical patterns, materials and catalog images.

Shopping From Tokyo: Custom Handlebar Bag

July 15th, 2007

Dear Ms.Larson
I am sorry to late reply.
Your e-mail give us the shock not a little.

We had considered your opinion.
We try to make a new model less leather.
There is no information about size in five e-mail on June 22th.
We need detail what you want bag about size.
And we decide to make size in our imagination.
Decaleur of “Velo Orange” is out of stock.
On the web shop,the sign reads “not available”.
In our photo,decaleur is “Berthou”.
But we will make some holes any brand,some advice give us real scale
hole position.

But there is one thing to do not accept.
Cotton duck No.6 of our product material is thik than your admire brands.
This material is fine cotton weaved KURASHIKI IN OKAYAMA PREFECTURE JAPAN.
Also waxed water-repllent cloth,but the wax has been lost as time goes by.
Although the firm texture do not through the rain easier.
The hard rain through inside each hole of machine stitch.
Also the hard rain give some stain vegetable tanned leather.
Basically we like this cotton duck and leather to grow old.

If you have any questions,please let me know.
Tomoko Watanabe