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Archival Field Trip – PDX

February 12th, 2013

Over the weekend, I made a quick trip up to Portland to shop for eyewear, catch a film and check in on a few of my favorite shops.  Here are some visual notes from the trip:
New S/S Engineered Garments at Blake
Brand obsession – Masunaga eyewear from Japan (via Blink)
Original Archival Flap Musette on tour 
Bike rack Ira Ryan custom porteur
Sugar Cane Brown Beach Jacket

Shopping for yet another Hario brewing device
Now Playing – Blue Velvet at Cinema 21

Archival Field Trip – Portland

February 27th, 2012

Snap views from last month’s field trip up to PDX.

Coffee at The Fresh Pot

Pina in 3D – Cinema 21

Print ephemera at the S. Glass household

Jarom at Reveille (great source for Rising Sun & Mister Freedom)

Engineered Garments and Tellason denim at Blake

Made in USA daypack at Levi’s store

Jordan testing fit on my Post O’Alls vestlittle t american baker

Shopping from the Movies: Christopher Strong (Arzner 1935)

February 13th, 2011

Newspaper subscriptions


Tennis rackets

Silver coffee service

Party costumes



Console radios

Jackets & jodhpurs


Field dogs

Steamer trunks

Aviatrix garb

Hats & overcoats

Nautical tops

Vacations abroad

Archival Field Trip: Seattle (July 2010)

August 2nd, 2010

U-District farmers market

Paseos (Ballard)

Ballard Nautical Supplies

Japanese magazines at Uwajimaya

Sara, Bruce and I took a quick trip up to Seattle. Our primary mission was to visit friend Eliz and select buttons for our shawl collar sweater project. Unfortunately, a highway breakdown delayed out trip by a half day as we waited out an alternator repair in Winlock, Washington. (Happily, this permitted us to catch up on Hollywood gossip courtesy of Payneless Auto’s well stocked library of Entertainment Weekly magazines).

While we had to postpone our trip to Centralia Knitting Mills, we did make it up to Seattle in time to enjoy salted caramel ice cream with friend/DJ/author Kurt Reighley who is about to go on the road to promote his new book, United States of Americana. Saturday, we visited The Field House and some of our usual to-dos: eateries, farmers markets, movies, bike shops and coffee shops. Here’s our new favorite Double Americano companion:

Effi (Scottish Oat Cake) @ Macrina Bakery

PDX Field Report (12/12/09)

December 14th, 2009

by Lesli Larson

We planned for a day’s worth of errands in Portland. But an ice storm kept us in town through Sunday. Rather than pursue our standard routines, we followed our friend Sarah G., a Portlander, to her favorite places. I’m supplementing the usual AC footage of wool and waxed cotton with new images of salt, patent leather and silver.

Portland Farmer’s Market

Portland Filson


Pine State Biscuit

Stand Up Comedy

Immortal Piano

Sara Barner @ Una

Schwinn Sprint @ City Bikes

Filson Double Mac @ Stumptown

Archival Coffee

January 24th, 2009

Coffee service in On The Beach (Kramer 1959)

People who know me know that I’m obsessed with coffee. I’m not a bean snob or a machine snob. I only visit this site when I need to read consumer reviews or check the fair market price for coffee related appliances. What I do do with ritualized obsession is prepare coffee according to the fixed laws of the Time Life Beverages book. Following the advice of the book, I use a Chemex glass carafe brewer and Chemex bonded filters (cheaper to purchase as unfolded filter circles). And these are some of the rules, in condensed form, I follow: always preheat mugs and carafe, grind one more scoop of beans than recommended, wet grounds in 15 second intervals, wait until grounds “bloom” before pouring in large amounts of water, keep swilling coffee in bottom of carafe to avoid “bottom brew”, preheat milk, add small pinch of sea salt and or cracked pepper to final brew (it’s in the book!). Friend Hilary brought me back a reversible Harris tweed tea (now coffee) cozy from England. Wrapping the Chemex carafe in this cozy is my first sartorial act of the day.

My Technivorm Moccamaster ended up as a craigslist sale to someone in Kansas City, Kansas. I spent so much time applying manual brewing rules to the machine (making sure the grounds were evenly damp, turning machine on and off to retard the brewing process, etc.) that I lost whatever automated convenience the on-off button was providing me. Nevertheless, Technivorm remains a brand I admire since they still make their amazingly high quality brewing appliances by hand in Holland. For a coffee themed field trip, I’d recommend visiting Boyds Coffee Company, the US distributor for Technivorm (located near the Danner Factory store in Portland, Oregon, though I doubt Boyds sells factory seconds or Japan only models).