Berthoud Bags

Shopping from Japan – Cyclo Tourist Bags

  Thanks to Bill Lane at Wall Bike for reprinting this pictographic feature on front handlebar bags from the Japanese magazine Cyclo Tourist.  Apart from Guu-Watanabe, Ostrich and Berthoud, many of the brands are new to me.   For reference, here is my post from 2008 showing the of the range of French, US and …

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From the archives

Shopping from 1938 – Unis Sport Catalog

PDX messenger and Jack Taylor enthusiast, Joel Metz, forwarded along this amazing french catalog for Unis-Sport, an early sponsor of the Tour de France.  I’m reposting product highlights in case you’re in the market for a tailored ensemble for bike camping or cyclo-tourism.   My own mail order form –  post marked 1938 – will include …

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