Archival DIY: Reproofing Waxed Cotton (updated)

Martexin reproofing wax. Operating instructions on the can. Archival Clothing endorses waxed cotton because it’s a rugged, natural, water resistant fabric that requires only wax reproofing to maintain its finish. Waxed cotton users should know how to reprooof their jackets, hats, and bags. Both Filson and Barbour offer factory reproofing services but we recommend performing …

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Catalog scan of Filson duckbill caps
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Duckbill Review

Duck Hunting in Utah Original Filson duckbill offerings A duckbill cap was the first item I ever purchased from CC Filson. A decade ago, you could buy a Filson duckbill cap in tin cloth, shelter cloth, cotton poplin or wool. Filson even offered a short billed model (my personal favorite). The original duckbill version was …

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