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Refab – Archival Rolltop Messenger as motorcycle saddlebag

March 1st, 2015

Many years ago, I featured a gent who refashioned his Filson Small Field Bag into a handlebar bag for his Rivendell Rambouillet road bike. Alex Forsythe, owner of Analog Records in Orange County, sent me photos of his own retrofit of an Archival Rolltop Messenger into motorcycle panniers for his Triumph Motorcycle. Read his project notes on the projects at the bottom of this post. Refrub photos by Stefan Junir.

Here are Alex’s notes on his Archival Rolltop Messenger refurb project: “I actually stole the idea of using a field type bag as a saddle bag from Blair of General Quarters in LA. He has a set of Filson field bags that he attaches to his bonnie sometimes. I rode up to his shop and got to talking with him about doing the same with my bike. The difference with his bike is a black seat versus the brown leather I have on mine. Your lager roll top bag matched much better with my seat and also seemed to be a better option for weather. The wax being a smart move with potential water hitting the bag and the roll top for protecting whats inside. Blair ordered the messenger roll top for me and took it to his (I think) shoe repair guy. He sewed two leather lash points on the back for me to attach leather straps and secure it to my bikes frame. I found 2 small leather straps with buckles and voila! I’m super happy with how it came out. The bag is perfect size for riding to work. I often carry my laptop and sometimes even records in it.”

If you have creatively carved up your own Archival bag for a unique use application, send us photos and we’ll feature you on the blog.

Archival Field Trip – PDX

February 12th, 2013

Over the weekend, I made a quick trip up to Portland to shop for eyewear, catch a film and check in on a few of my favorite shops.  Here are some visual notes from the trip:
New S/S Engineered Garments at Blake
Brand obsession – Masunaga eyewear from Japan (via Blink)
Original Archival Flap Musette on tour 
Bike rack Ira Ryan custom porteur
Sugar Cane Brown Beach Jacket

Shopping for yet another Hario brewing device
Now Playing – Blue Velvet at Cinema 21

Shopping from the movies: On Any Sunday (1971)

February 29th, 2012

On Any Sunday (Brown 1971), the famous 1971 motorcycle documentary, has been shopped to death. Over the years, gent bloggers have obsessed over the film’s motorcycles, wax jackets, leather boots and Steve McQueen footage. Coming late to this movie, I gravitated to the section dealing with the six day international motorcycle trial in Spain. As a randonneur, I appreciate any sporting event that emphasizes endurance, durable clothing, modest rewards and an ethos of self reliance (riders must maintain their own machines during the race).

Here are a few of my favorite small details from On Any Sunday:

Red kerchief; rear snap closure pockets on jacket

Self-reliant motorcycle maintenance

Anorak and jockey goggles over eyeglasses

Cotton web strap holding the metal skid plate in place (nylon now for sure)

Stylish spectator in Spain

Pristine pit crew

Modest winner’s medallion

Mixed use trail

Shopping From Frank Leder

January 19th, 2010

by Tom Bonamici

Of course we’re all about shopping from the past, but the magic happens when an opportunity comes around to shop successfully from the present. Somewhere in between Danny, Champion of the World, Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Rules of the Game, I became entranced with the conflict of the gamekeeper and the poacher.

Ever since it came online, I’ve been totally stuck on Frank Leder’s POACHERS series. He’s really killing it with some of the details in this collection. Check out POACHERS at his splash page, but make sure to get into the archives, too. Hinterland: Fleisch and Hinterland: Vagabund are some of my favorites, but honestly, it’s all good.

There’s so much hunting clothing in the city that it’s refreshing to take inspiration from the poachers, who wear their city clothing in the country. When the apocalypse comes, we’ll no doubt have forgotten our Tin Cloth and Bean Boots at home. So join the Archival Clothing team on the south side of Eugene’s Spencer’s Butte: we’ll be the people bagging deer while clad in tattered tweeds and leaky brogues.

Archival Cadets Revisited

July 15th, 2009

Military service runs in my family. My father was a colonel in the Army and my sister attended the Air Force Academy. I toyed with the idea of attending a service academy but doubted my ability to survive past the day they outfit you with your uniform. I might have reconsidered military school if I could have enrolled in the Life Photo Archive version of Sandhurst military academy. I love the bookish style and striped blazers of the Sandhurst cadets. And who wouldn’t want to spend their school days playing chess, pedaling bicycles in formation or jumping motorcycles by horseback?

Archival Finder: Andy’s jacket, Woody’s shoes & Italian motorcycle trousers

May 19th, 2009

In the last few months, I’ve received a number of emails from people trying to a) locate out-of-production clothing b) identify clothing worn in movies or c) track down a clothing type or style w/no identifiable brand or vintage. I’m reprinting a few requests today to see if others might be able to assist in identifying and/or sourcing of these ephemeral items.

Andy in China

First up is a request from Daniel M. from London. Daniel is trying to identify the make and model of a fishing/photog jacket worn by Andy Warhol in the book, Andy in China. Daniel writes:

On scrutinizing the images I could not make out the manufacturers name but it looked like it ended ‘oma’ Could you advise what the manufacturers name is or where a copy could be purchased from?

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of synthetics. But I do love the pocketing on this jacket. I’d just have mine remanufactured in a nice light cotton poplin. Closest modern reissue might be this Woolrich Relaunch.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy’s outfit was inspired by some of the modern angler’s wear (“khaki mist silicone treated gabardine”) sold by Hunting World, a high end Manhattan sportswear and Safari outfitter popular in the 1970s.

Hunting World Catalog 1975

Another email request comes from an anonymous reader pining for a pair of work-type shoes worn by Woody Allen in Annie Hall. He writes:

The shoes appear, to my untrained eye, to look like welted, moc toe work… shoes? They look nearly identical to some crepe sole red wing boots I own. Have you ever known of a such a shoe? This was Woody in the 70’s, so I’m sure it was American made. I’d appreciate any info you could share. – an anonymous (thankful) reader.

Annie Hall (Allen 1977)

I feel like I’ve seen these shoes a thousand times on the racks in Goodwill (not that they’re not worth tracking down again). But I have no clue about their make or model. Apologies. Any general suggestions or ideas?

Vintage Italian Motorcycle Trousers

Finally, Indigo Slims blogger Jennifer sent in a request on behalf of a friend and motorcyle enthusiast. She reports that her friend is trying to find some stylish trousers to match his new Belstaff jacket:

He’s a keen bike rider, and has invested in a traditional Belstaff jacket with metal protective plates etc (that weighs about a ton), but can’t find trousers to complete his planned kit. He’s a traditional chap (a fan of Old Town in Norfolk, who I see you’ve found before me as they’re already on your approved list!), and has found pictures (attached) of vintage Italian army motorbike trousers. He’s asked if I have any suggestions as to who might be willing to re-create these, and I’m wondering if you in turn had any ideas? I’m going to suggest he talk to British Millerain as they may have some ideas, but other than getting a pair made specially by a tailor, I couldn’t think of [other possible resources].

Personally, I’d recommend shopping from the past. I love the old, 1950s-era Barbour motorcycle suits shown in reprints of the older catalogs (below). I’m wondering whether it would be possible to have Barbour create a custom pair of motorcycle trousers based on one of their vintage patterns. They may even have a pattern in their archives that closely resembles the details of the Italian motorbike trousers

Barbour Catalog Reprint