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Archival for Wilderness Workshop Rucksack

September 14th, 2011

We’re thrilled to announce one of our most striking rucksack collaborations-with Archival stockist, Jason McKenzie of the Wilderness Workshop. Jason’s rucksacks are made from a special 7.68 oz deadstock “tent drill” fabric that he salvaged from a venerable outdoor store in Boston. Jason speculates that the fabric is from 1950s or 60s. According to Jason, it “does not indicate anything about its origin of manufacture which means that it probably predates FTC rules about such things.” Like all our rucksacks, these are made in Springfield, Oregon to our original design specifications. The bags are available exclusively through the Wilderness Workshop.

For other shopping opportunities from the past and present, check out Jason’s tumblr page, Eggs & Wool

Shopping from the Past: Garment Tags

May 24th, 2010

I’ve been buying most of my clothes from thrift stores since high school. Part of my long-time obsession is simply recognizing familiar and discovering new garment tags. There’s a great story to be told with each one – whether they’re making a claim, stating their history, or just presenting information. It’s a great way to thrift, too, since you can capture the tag (in photographic form) and leave the garment behind, saving money and closet space. Ideal for austerity shoppers. Since 2004, I’ve been working on a flickr set; here are some highlights.