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Archival Reprint: Filson Japan Lookbook

October 13th, 2011

Per yesterday’s entry, I’m reprinting a few of my favorite views from the strangely compelling, Filson Japan lookbook, “The Ballad of Portraits”. I love the stylized presentation of the figures who look like colorized, plasticized transplants from a 19th century daguerreotype (if Dodge Sportsmans appeared in daguerreotypes). Since most web image content disappears from view or gets redistributed away from its original source, I wanted to archive a copy for myself for future reference. It’s a shame we cannot mail away for a print copy.

Tin Cloth Mondays

November 6th, 2006

Remember: Filson tin cloth (fabric of penance) is now the official fabric of Mondays. Plausible simulations/substitutions by Carhartt and Mcalister will also be accepted. Bonus points for newly waxed garments or those sporting double layers of tin fabric (like my double tin pants).