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New Release: Archival Plain Waxed Jacket

February 7th, 2012

Our first piece of outerwear, the Archival Plain Waxed Jacket is meant to be a reliable, comfortable outer shell to ward off rain and wind. Ideal for walkers, cyclists, fishermen, sailors, and anyone else who loves being outside in all weather. The Plain Waxed Jacket is unlined, with raglan sleeves and two welted handwarmer pockets. Cut just below the waist. Made of a waxed cotton/nylon fabric that’s both durable and lightweight. Collar, cuffs, and pockets are lined in soft wool flannel. Cuffs and back adjust with a snap, and a stout two-way brass zipper is backed with a storm flap to keep out the drafts. Fully finished inside and out, using felled seams and twill tape, this jacket is built well to last long. Available in navy.

Fully finished inside and out

Stout, two way brass. zipper backed with a storm flap

Wool flannel lined cuffs, pockets and collar

Archival DIY: Rewaxing a Filson Packer Hat

December 26th, 2011

If you’re looking for a post holiday diversion, here’s a tutorial from Chris at Otter Wax on reproofing your Filson Packer hat. Feel free to apply this technique to other waxed cotton items that have lost their finish in the past year. Otter Wax available here.

Otter Wax is fine for both Filson tin and shelter cloth fabrics

In case you missed it, here’s the original post from Chris on waxing dry canvas sneakers.

Shopping from the Past: Barbour Solway Jacket

December 3rd, 2011
Barbour Solway on cover of 1967/68 catalog (via Thornproof)

I stopped receiving Barbour print catalogs several years ago. Browsing the online web shop, I have a hard time tracking the ever shifting Barbour lines (Beacon, Sporting, Gold Label, Heritage, Lifestyle, Ladies, etc). Favorite styles are disappearing behind new Barbours with printed linings, updated silhouettes and Steve McQueen plotlines. Many of the Barbours made from the original, “thornproof” 8 oz waxed cotton have been discontinued. Missing from the Barbour line for several years is one of my all time favorites, the Solway Zipper Jacket.

In its day, the Solway was one of Barbour’s flagship models. Here’s a nice illustrated summary of the Solway’s principal features which include three outside patch pockets, inside game pocket, wind cuffs and a buckle belt.

The Solway zip was designed as both a shooting and “fowling” jacket. It was quickly adopted for for general country wear.

Per the 1964/65 catalog patter, the Solway is well suited for use in cold, damp conditions: “The quest for the ideal coat is over, invincibly waterproof, able to stand up to endless hours of rain and not let one drop through.” Of all the Barbours, the Solway appears to have inspired the most testimonials. My favorite is the story of the gent whose Solway protected him from an enraged Zebra.

The buckle belt adds a dash of style
In 1961, the Solway zipper jacket had spinoff models including the Solway Smock

Here are a few historic examples of Solway Zipper jackets captured from ebay:

There seems to be a disturbing trend towards having the belt and belt loops removed on Solway jackets. Recent ebay auctions list this as a garment feature. Since this is a signature feature of the Solway, I strongly advise against this practice.

Loopless, beltless Solway Zipper Jackets

ST, in Solway, tramping through the W. 18th wetlands

I missed this special close out sale on Solway jackets via Sierra Trading Post. Ignominious end to a coat that once graced a catalog cover.

Archival Restock: Chester Wallace Totes

December 1st, 2011

For December, we’re adding a new Chester Wallace tote the AC web shop. The colorway is evergreen and navy with a flash of yellow. Body and base are made from #10, vat dyed, government spec’d waxed cotton. While I had originally requested a green and black combination, Patrick, the bag’s designer, suggested olive with a navy base. In his words, “the green was more with the navy than with black in an Albers way“.

We’re also adding replacement Chester Wallace straps to the AC web shop so you can mix and match colorways at home.

Archival DIY: Rewaxing Canvas Sneakers

November 3rd, 2011

AC friend and Otter Wax founder Chris Chase proposed that we put together a series of DIY videos on reproofing canvas products. We wanted to test wax a range of artifacts from dry finish canvas sneakers to an AC flap musette. Unlike traditional fabric waxes, Otter Wax is made from natural materials and is 100% petroleum free. In the video below, Chris demonstrates a method for rewaxing canvas sneakers that doesn’t require a double boiler or heat gun. This is the first in a series of AC x Otter Wax reproofing videos. Start gathering your dry finish canvas goods.

Chris reproofing a pair of Superga canvas sneakers
Post reproofing
Otter Wax. All natural, petroleum free fabric wax.

For interested parties, here’s our original post on reproofing a Filson duckbill cap using Martexin wax.

Archival Restock: Canvas Duck Rucksacks

October 10th, 2011

We just restocked the AC web shop with canvas duck rucksacks. In addition to red, we’re adding dark brown and orange to our colorways. These rucksacks are made of a sturdy 18 ounce #8 cotton duck. Aside from the material change, they are identical to our classic rucksack and are made in our Springfield, Oregon workshop.

For those who have been waiting for us to resupply our inventory of AC waxed twill rucksacks, we now have bags in navy, gray, olive and our ever popular ranger tan.

Archival Outing

June 15th, 2011

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a Sunday afternoon paddle by canoe on the McKenzie River. The promise of fish and fine riparian views outweighed our reluctance to venture out into the drizzle. What care we when we have the best waxed cotton outerwear for the worst Oregon Spring in recent memory.

Rick’s prized Grumman (a transplant, like Rick, from Minnesota)


Prized canvas duck duffle (family heirloom)

Flies tied for the occasion

Preparing to launch

My assignment

In full wax garb

Passing view

Non archival footwear (and Filson fly-fishing strap vest)

Recommended substitution

Success! (first of several)

Archival Update: AC Rucksack in Navy

April 29th, 2011

Fairfield Textiles, our fabric provider, is now producing their 18 oz waxed filter twill in a true navy blue. It’s a stunner. For our Spring production run of Arcival Rucksacks, we’ve added this new color to the line. An Archival Field Bag in the same navy will be available soon. Our friend Jason at the Wilderness Workshop is the first AC retailer to pick up the new navy rucksasks. You can visit him—and ours bags—on 711 Boylston street in Boston, Mass.

AC Rucksack in waxed navy twill

Available again: AC Rucksack in black waxed twill w/brown Horween leather

Chester Wallace x Archival Clothing Totes

April 20th, 2011

Archival Clothing proudly sells Chester Wallace totes by friend and fellow Oregonian, Patrick Long. This Spring, we asked Patrick to make up two special bags for Archival: a “wash me” and a “wax me” model. The wash me tote is made from unwaxed, natural canvas duck and utilizes Archival’s own best quality, UK made, military spec cotton webbing (the same webbing we use for our AC belt). The wax me tote is an all waxed cotton variation on the traditional Chester Wallace tote. We’ve replaced the acrylic-coated woven polyester bottom with waxed cotton canvas from Fairfield Textiles.

The natural canvas duck Chester Wallace tote [above] is made with Archival Clothing’s own military spec, all cotton webbing. This is bag style is washable.

Our second Chester Wallace tote is made from stout, closely woven, all wax cotton canvas fabric. The limited edition classic red fabric, referred to as “old glory” by Fairfield textiles, our supplier, is the same that we use for our AC plain musette. Inventory for this fabric has been exhausted.

Archival Update: A.C. Totes

April 10th, 2011
12″ and 6″ straps

This week, Archival Clothing is releasing a newly revised tote based on collective feedback from our customers and retailers. We’ve been asked to offer a short handled version of our tote for people who prefer to carry the bag in hand. The tote is now available in two strap lengths: 12″ long with 1.5″ webbing and 6″ long with 1″ webbing.

New colorways (black, navy, ranger tan and gray)

We’ve added visual interest to the bag by making the inside pockets out of a contrasting color of dry canvas duck fabric. We are using this tote run to introduce our new waxed cotton twill in Navy.

New strap attachment method and revised internal pocketing

We’ve refined the strap attachment points on the inside edge of the bag to strengthen these points and ensure that the inside of the bag looks as well appointed as the outside.





All internal seams finished with bias tape made from our own waxed fabrics

All stress points reinforced with sturdy bar-tacking

As with the original totes, our new model is made from 22 ounce waxed twill, 18 ounce dry duck canvas, and military grade cotton webbing. The tote is designed to be water-resistant and ready for a long life of service. Three inside pockets store personal items such as keys, phones, notebooks and pens—keeping them easily accessible and separate from the interior contents. A double-layer reinforced bottom ensures a long life and even wear.

Tote dimensions are 14” x 14” x 4” – perfect for your every day toting needs.