Apocalyptic Layering

Mid-October. Official reintroduction of winter weight wool. When the cold comes my dress code is dictated by the idea that whatever I wear must be versatile enough to work as my permanent post-apocalyptic/nuclear winter outfit (think Fred Astaire’s safari suits and gentlemanly neckwear in On The Beach). I’m working out the details but the basic gist for my survivalist get-up is a pair of Filson whipcord trousers (substitute Levi 501s), layered Icebreaker or Ibex zip-ups and an outer layer of Filson “tin cloth” or Barbour waxed cotton (to which I would add crucial internal pocketing for matches, a manual camera and my make-do cuisine of unpeeled carrots). Still shopping from the movies (Flight of the Eagle, Indiana Jones, Alphaville,) for my shoes.

3 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Layering”

  1. I absolutely agree on the whipcord, tin cloth, and 501s. I wonder if the exclusively Ibex/Icebreaker is too soft to survive nuclear winter. I propose a seriously scratchy, durable woolen layered over a pendleton button-up, layered over an Ibex undershirt. Mountaineering companies sometimes have interesting vintage offerings of chunky, scratchy sweaters, often with buttons. Check Sierra Designs and patagonia. Maybe the filson/mcalister sweater/waxed canvas combos merit a close look. I’ve also had good luck with thick cotton flannel. Woolrich and LL Bean have superb flannel button-ups.

  2. True. For logistical reasons, I should locate post-nuclear winter manufacturing in the US. I think the icebreaker stuff is made in China and ibex relies on “imported fabrics”. Need to be able to rough sheer a sheep and knit wool up into protective garment shield within a same state radius.

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