Archival Baggage: Filson Passage Line

Simplified Filson luggage line-up (late 80s/early 90s)
Identifiably Filson?

Handy key fob!

Future thrift find

Filson just released a new line of luggage called Passage. Unfortunately, I have to include the entire line in the retail category of Why was it made? Rather than canvas or leather, the bags are made out of unattractive synthetic twill (“ballistic quality nylon”). Country of origin is listed as “overseas.” On their own, on a practical, functional level, I’m sure the bags might be considered OK (selling points include “compact yet roomy” and “perfect for overnight travel”). But there’s nothing about these bags that really visibly connects them back to original Filson designs–not the fabric, not the styling, not even the quality of the leather or the embossed Filson stamp. To me, the bags look like a slightly pricier version of the bags given away for free if you buy a full bottle of full price cologne. I’m sure a chronograph wearing, sea-plane flying, ballistic luggage loving demographic is being courted here. Perhaps, 90s Barbour gent would purchase one.

Overarching aesthetic is a bad carry-over from the days of the Lodge line. But alas, I thought filson had abandonded its clunky Lodge line aesthetic. I always associated the Lodge line with uninspired department store level designs that were produced overseas. My thinking is that filson should only produce garments that identifiably look like a filson (per the duffle).

(bad designs made overseas.but these bags feel new additions to an abandoned product line.

Nevertheless, I remain excited about Filson’s relatively new line of tin cloth luggage. I’ve already recommended the tote on this blog and now I’m saving up for this cute but relatively useless tin cloth shell bag:

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