4 thoughts on “Archival Baggage: Winter Beach Bags”

  1. Its great to see you featuring the Billingham Hadley Bag.
    This was my first Billingham purchase a few years ago and it continues to serve me very well. Billingham products are made to the highest quality and standard, and comparatively not as expensive as other brands; yet value for money is extremely good.
    Being a photographer; Billingham bags are used at an optimum level, as this is what they are primarily designed for. However, as a bag around town, out and about, or even to the office on some occasions, the Hadley serves performs brilliantly.
    It is Classic English style and an essential must have item.

  2. ASR-

    I’m working on a dedicated post on Billingham (my first British shoulder bag).

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your own blog. I linked back but only saw white space.

  3. Great. I shall look forward to reading it when it is posted. If you want some more information on billingham; request a catalogue from them. I have many versions and they contain all the neccessary info; but maybe the website is adequate.
    As far as my blogs go at the moment; I haven’t had much time lately but should get to work very soon.
    Just thought I would mention it as you have already made posts on the subject, but I am a huge fan of Barbour and the Classic Wax Jacket. I own several myself and its great to see stuff about that. Its something which these days in only discussed by a few.

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