Archival Bicycles: Peg’s Pereria

Friend Peg W., PBP finisher and ten year randonneuring veteran, just took delivery of a beautiful Tony Pereria handbuilt bicycle. I got a chance to check out Peg’s Pereria during the first official brevet of the Oregon Randonneuring season, the 200k Birkie Brevet. Given how well Peg’s bike handled the rough roads and wretched weather of the ride, I’m nominating it as an honorary member of my apocalytpic bicycle stable. The Pereria has many fine, function-first design details including a custom front rack, braze-ons for an integrated lighting system, clearance for wider tires and metal fenders. Although Peg took delivery of her Pereria last month, it looks like a bike she’s already owned and ridden for many seasons. My only complaint is that it lacks a Brooks saddle.

Random Or Rando 200k ride shots from my flickr set.

And here’s my nomination for Archival Gent of the Or Rando Birkie brevet:

124 miles wearing a waxed cotton Carradice rain cape.

Note: Archival Clothing will be in reruns for the next two weeks while I participate in the Eau de Hell brevet series in Canada. Assuming that I survive the ride, posts will resume at some point around April 20th. In my absence, please send along heritage brand updates, lost product gossip, refab projects, archival bicycle and guest baggage shots, etc, for inclusion in future archival posts.

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