Archival Clogs

Troentorp Pablo Clogs w/Alpendale Knickers

Dansko Professional commuter clogs

Riding the rollers in clogs and corduroy trousers

Dansko Professional and Troentorp Pablo tread marks

Sanita Pro closed back clogs (as worn by the Metrofiets creator)

Ever since I saw this picture of Aspen Gent, I’ve revised my attitude towards clogs as everyday footwear. My own brand preference is for Bastad Troentrop “Pablo” wood clogs with a full a closed heel and steel toe. In my friend circles, the Dansko professional is a wardrobe staple. One user adds that in wet climates like Eugene, Oregon, the Danskos are ideal because they permit you to walk above–rather than around –most standing water.

A lesser known fact about clogs is that they make perfect footwear for fixed gear bicycle riding. I have found that clogs act like the stiff sole of a cycling shoe (something like duegi keiren 103 shoes), providing additional power transfer to the pedal. The downside, of course, is that you lose the ability to add clips and leather toe straps to the total stylistic system of your bicycle.

If you’re in the market for a handmade pair of clogs, I found a shop in the UK, The Clog and Shoe Workshop, manufacturing clogs in workboot and lace-up styles. I suggest a visit to the company website if only to see the antique clog work boots from 1943.

7 thoughts on “Archival Clogs”

  1. a warning: danskos (and presumably other clogs) are not good for walking across uneven ground. they are sensible urban shoes but one misstep on bumpy terrain and you risk severe ankle twisting and maybe even a break. i speak from experience. the professional does wonders on the sidewalks of eugene and definitely on bicycles; it does NOT do well in the hills of montana.

  2. Wooden clogs have always hurt my feet. I use rubber clogs in the OR, and they are nice in that environment. I operate in my socks in order to use a foot pedal/joystick, so it’s good to be able to slide the clogs on and off. I don’t think that I would be comfortable in the outside world with them. Love my Keens, though.

  3. Clogmaster of Sweden…a Los Angeles staple, appears to have moved to your town!, bad for us-good for you
    these are the real deal, sized to fit perfect.
    re bumpy ground, these are still a favored staple of traditional farmers in France etc.

  4. The CM woman is famous for being a bit of a clog nazi (please excuse the expression)… she will critique the arch of your feet, what ‘those other’ shoes have done to them etc, and have you signing up for clogs pronto.

  5. After wearing my custom-fitted ClogMasters for less than 2 weeks, I’m astounded at the results! No more achy feet, knees, hips & back! Seriously, these issues have had me under a chiropractor’s care for the last 10 months! Please don’t be put off by the CM woman’s demeanor; she knows her stuff!
    My only regret is that I discovered that ClogMasters was in my “backyard” – only after it left Los Angeles!
    P.S. My dentist husband and lab tech daughter have nothing but wonderful reports about their ClogMasters too!

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