Archival Countdown: Paris-Brest-Paris

I (Lesli) just formalized registration for Paris-Brest-Paris. In 70 days 22 hours 6 minutes and 3 seconds I’ll be joining 6000+ cyclists from around the world for a 1200k Grand Randonnee. The ride will take me from the suburbs of Paris to the coastal town of Brest and back. Riders will have 90 hours to complete the course. Several friends of Archival friends will also be participating including Gabe Ehlert of Box Dog Bikes and Chris Kostman of AdventureCorps.

Post PBP, I’ll be staying in Paris (in the Marais) for a week. Please send along shop, tour and food recommendations. I’ll be on the hunt for archival office supplies and the perfect French work jacket.

I propose a future edition of PBP requiring city bikes and street clothing

My wool jersey line up for P-B-P

Vanilla will be going too

6 thoughts on “Archival Countdown: Paris-Brest-Paris”

  1. wow this trip looks amazing! if you get stuck for French workwear jackets I know a few outlets in London, just jump on the Eurostar! tres bon.

  2. hello

    You will be welcome on France.

    For the hunt of the perfect French work jacket, try “Dolmen” (PABU, 140km from Brest) or “Le Laboureur” (DIGOIN, Saône-et-Loire).

    Good trip

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