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Archival Field Trip – London (PT 1)

Last month, I traveled to the UK to ride the 1400k randonnee, London-Edingburgh-London. I survived the ride but couldn’t really tell you what I remember. After pedaling for 4.5 days on about 8 hours of sleep (total) I recorded and erased most of the experience. I did manage to take a few snaps of the trip with my phone and loaner point and shoot. These are a few my “before” photos from the days leading up to LEL.  In next few weeks, I’ll post my post-trip field trip notes from my visits to a few of my favorite London shops.



UK arrival – assembling my Vanilla in the courtyard of the Snaresbrook Travelodge


En route to city center to repair on an out of true wheel.  Lots of guest appearances by Brompton folders on this trip.




I wish we had had more time to chat with Ninon, owner of the amazing, Bicycle Workshop.  Like all my favorite shops. BW focuses on repairing utility bikes but harbors a hidden inventory of vintage parts and deadstock bits.  Ninon was the only person on my trip who remembered Hebden Cord, the now defunct UK clothing company that used to manufacture bespoke cycling shorts.



We spent a pleasant hour at Book & Kitchen, a neighboring bookstore.


Loved the UK only VW California camper van.  Integrated bike rack on the back


Riding partner, Susan O, and her retrued wheel outside Royal Albert Hall

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  1. I really like the bike stuff. Would be happy to see more photos, esp. the bikes people were riding. A truly remarkable accomplishment! Would even like some posts about training preparation, if appropriate.

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