Archival Field Trip – Los Angeles

Living in Oregon, I forget about direct sunlight. I spent a long weekend in LA to escape the gloom and visit an old chum. Our plan was to see Bernadette Peters in concert and spend the rest of our time revisiting vintage television shows (I prefer my sun through a curtain). While my friend worked on Friday, I toured brick and mortar stores in the area (documentary evidence below). Since so many stores do not permit photography, I cannot show you the amazing champagne glass shoe display at Maison Martin Margiela or my celebrity sighting at Mister Freedom.

16 thoughts on “Archival Field Trip – Los Angeles”

  1. “if I had a million dollars…” lyrics comes to mind :p

    The snippets of photos gives the sense of a Friday very well spent! Too bad about the photos that might have been… Love the comfortable and relaxed look in your last photo 🙂

  2. Hi AC,

    Yes indeed, the pup tent is from our store Shelter Half. It’s part of our Save Khaki display. If you could please credit as such that would be much appreciated! We hope you enjoyed the area and see you again soon.

    All my best,

    Ken | Shelter Half

  3. Just a side note, the technical name for a pup tent as pictured is a Shelter Half as each soldier carries one half, eventually joining them together to share the tent, hence the name of our space.

    All my best,


  4. Lesli,

    Not a worry! Thank you very much for the correction. We hope you enjoyed the area. We are close with all of the surrounding shops and are proud to see this post. We are all fans here!

    Take Good Care,


  5. Anon–

    That’s Feal Mor. They sell an interesting mix of custom nautical sweaters, vintage clothing, canvas bags and cycles. I had my eye on a really nice Motobecane. The sweater is a custom jobber made up for Feal Mor.

  6. Thanks Leslie: Feal Mor looks terrific and will check it out next time in LA. Best, Bob Rogen, Sacramento

  7. I don’t know if anyone else has said this but for the last week or two none of the pictures on your blog show up.
    It’s not a browser or computer related problem, i’ve tried using Firefox and Chrome and tried three different computers.
    Yours isn’t the only blog i’ve got this problem with, it seems to be nearly all Blogger blogs and any pictures stored on ‘Blogger’ that are a problem, those linked to Flickr or similar still show.
    I’ve spoken to friends who have noticed this as well.
    However other blogs i visit on WordPress and other systems still show up ok.
    Someone suggested it could be to do with the new Google Privacy Policy i’m not too sure though, any ideas, i miss what you do.
    Searching for a solution on the net hasn’t yielded any help.

  8. Hi Anon 10:47 –

    This is the first time we’ve heard of it – and we can’t seem to replicate the problem. It is likely a google privacy thing… let us know if you find out what’s causing it – if it’s on our end we’ll be happy to help.



  9. Hi there, me again.
    Still having problems with Blogger.
    Out of interest try accessing


    I can’t see any pictures until i get down to ‘death and taxes’ as all the newer ones are hosted on Blogger.
    BUT i can see the buttons on the right hand side linking to the ‘New Pin Badges’ these are hosted on Googleusercontent’
    I’m still no wiser as to the problem.

  10. Hi Tom.
    Me again, i think my problem is some weird issue with my ISP or Router
    I’ve now tried 5 different browsers on 3 different operating systems, i’ve updated my Router Firmware, tried OpenDNS and said lots of Bad Words.
    It’s either my router not being able to resolve the address of the blogspot images or my ISP Virgin.media not allowing access (which would be a bit unusual).
    I have discovered however, that if i use a web proxy i can view your site and all the others in their FULL GLORY !
    Hurrah, keep up the good work i’ll sort it out eventually.
    Thanks for your help.

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