Archival Field Trip

Archival Field Trip – Malawi

Friend and UO Faculty member John Fenn has been traveling in Malawi for the last few months.  He was kind enough to forward along some documentary snaps  of his Archival baggage in use.  While we do not endorse dust as a reproofing agent, it does add a unique visual finish to our bags.

1082243_10201172062495418_568122266_nA 400+ km road trip thru Mzimba district, Malawi in the car trunk (poor seals) over dusty roads = a new “dry” custom finish to my rucksack & duffel!



1 thought on “Archival Field Trip – Malawi”

  1. My wardrobe is scmniraeg for this upgrade! I already know I love the Ledbury shirts and I can’t wait to try the Jack Donnelly khakis! I should be good to go on all 8, Thanks for the shot Red Clay!

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