Archival Finder: Warhol’s Jacket, Woody’s Shoes and Italian Motorcycle Trousers

In the last few months, I’ve received a number of emails from people trying to a) locate out-of-production clothing b) identify clothing worn in movies or c) track down a clothing type or style w/no identifiable brand or vintage. I’m reprinting a few requests today to see if others might be able to assist in identifying and/or sourcing of these ephemeral items.

Make/Model/Vintage of this jacket?

First up is a request from Daniel M. from London. Daniel is trying to identify the make and model of a fishing or photog jacket worn by Andy Warhol in the book, Andy in China. Daniel writes:

On scrutinizing the images I could not make out the manufacturers name but it looked like it ended ‘oma’ Could you advise what the manufacturers name is or where a copy could be purchased from?

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of synthetics. But I do love the general pocketing and style of this jacket. I’d just have mine remanufactured in a nice light cotton poplin. Closest modern reissue might be this Woolrich Relaunch jacket (at least in the pocketing detail).

Who made these shoes?

Another email came from an anonymous reader pining for a pair of shoes worn by Woody Allen in Annie Hall. He writes:

The shoes appear, to my untrained eye, to look like welted, moc toe work… shoes? They look nearly identical to some crepe sole red wing boots I own. Have you ever known of a such a shoe? This was Woody in the 70’s, so I’m sure it was American made. I’d appreciate any info you could share. – an anonymous (thankful) reader

Friend Erin suggested that they might be an early Dexter moc toe work shoe. Other ideas?

Finally, Indigo Slims blogger Jennifer sent in a question on behalf of a friend. She notes that her friend, a motorcycle enthusiast, is trying to find stylish trousers to match his new Belstaff jacket. She says:

He’s a keen bike rider, and has invested in a traditional Belstaff jacket with metal protective plates etc (that weighs about a ton), but can’t find trousers to complete his planned kit. He’s a traditional chap (a fan of Old Town in Norfolk, who I see you’ve found before me as they’re already on your approved list!), and has found pictures (attached) of vintage Italian army motorbike trousers. He’s asked if I have any suggestions as to who might be willing to re-create these, and I wondered if you in turn had any ideas? I’m going to suggest he talks to British Millerain as they may have some ideas, but other than getting a pair made specially by a tailor, I couldn’t think.

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