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Archival Footwear – Sidi Touring Shoes

AC friend and Rivendell General Manager, John Bennett, sent me photos of his unworn Sidi touring shoes. Unlike modern “carbon” models w/velcro strap adjustments, John’s Sidis come with an old fashioned lacing system and walkable soles. Though these Sidis come from the past, several of my randonneuring friends wore them during this year’s edition of Paris-Brest-Paris. I think they’re stunning enough to wear with cords knickers and a wool pullover to work.

11 thoughts on “Archival Footwear – Sidi Touring Shoes”

  1. love these. nobody makes anything remotely similar anymore…they’re the best all-around cycling shoe style if you don’t feel the need to be clipped fast. and the quality of the sidis was very good. diadora also made something similar, but not since the 80s i’m sure (i still have an ancient pair made of kangaroo leather & mesh w/same sole that i keep having re-cobbled together). where do people find this stuff? lucky dogs…

  2. Not to gloat, but I had a pair of the Sidis new in the box that I found on eBay. I never wore them and sold them after a few years. I also have a pair of the Diadorras. Those have a velcro lace cover which is a key feature in my opinion — practically a deal breaker with out it as I only use toeclips on a fixed-gear. However, my Gola soccer trainers are the only shoe I actually enjoy on the bike.

  3. They do look quite nice but I beg to differ about wearing these or any other touring shoe for walking around. They’re stiff, made for pedal platforms, not for moving about.

    I have a pair of Carnac Carlit shoes (like these: somewhere in my closet. I barely used them as I ordered them one size too small and the shop refused to accept the return.

    I might put them up for sale.

  4. I bought my Sidi Touring shoes in 1989 (model with Velcro enclosure) and they finally died late last year. Wonderful shoes that served me well. I will now need to wear my Carnac Carlit shoes more. And, I must say, my adidas Sambas work very well with or without straps.

  5. Lord have mercy! The current SEDI catalog has nothing but hideous “robo-shoes”, why can’t they find room in their line for such an elegant traditional touring shoe?

  6. John, those are most nice. For longer weekend rides, when riding is the focus and I’m not just using errands as an excuse to be on a bike, I wear the dromarti astride the Bleriot.

    I don’t find them that comfortable to just walk around in, but they’re great on the bike.

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