Archival Gent – Game Bag Cyclist

While looking through suzannetodd82’s images from L’Eroica 2008, I came across this splendid image of a thoroughly archival gent. I’m not sold on his choice of trousers, but I hope to follow his example of using a Filson Game Bag as cycling baggage.

The Shot Shell Bag and the triple Shooting Bag also promise to be crossover bags for hunting, shooting, and cycling. In the spirit of the biathlon, perhaps Archival Clothing will host a cyclocross/target shooting event this summer. Please stay tuned. Here are a few more cyclo- shooting bag options from favorite archival brand, CC Filson:

Filson Shooting Bag

Filson Twill Shot Bag

If you’re shopping for a bag from the past, permit me to recommend the Abercrombie & Fitch Officer’s Musette Bag or Sportsman’s Haversack (for revolver shooters and botanists).

Nice design (but why the brass plated hardware?)

Love the full zippered top closure. Ever available?

Archival addendum: In need of knickers for L’Eroica 2010? Bicycle Fixation has just released a new production run of their classic wool knickers (frequently not available).

4 thoughts on “Archival Gent – Game Bag Cyclist”

  1. I definitely think he’s on to something there with the Filson crossover, and you’re right to point that out and expand. He looks great.

    I sometimes think the beauty and allure of cycling lies in its essence and form having been boiled down and conquered – distilled – so readily. From the first bike, to where we are now, so quickly, and in the age of rocket science, and we still haven’t really been able to improve much on what he have. So, every time a slightly new idea comes up, even if petty or unrealistic, it’s kind of exciting! We seem to “own” cycling already, and love that comfort, but any little bump is refreshing.

  2. Beautiful A&F Bag.
    The reason they say “Brass Plate” is that they use not “Steel plate” I guess.

    Steel easily rust, and cheap. They wanted to say they use high quality parts for their products.

  3. K and T H —

    Thank you for your comments. I was just hoping for solid brass hardware. One of my current laments regarding CC Filson is that they’ve switched over to brace plated hardware for some of their leather goods… like their dog collars.



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