Archival Holiday

Y’All Come!

Heading out for a few days to do some field work. In lieu of radio silence or an electronic yule log, I leave you with a few stills from the Lawrence Welk Thanksgiving special (the Christmas edition features for too many cringe-inducing shots of non-musical children wandering around the stagge). If You Tube were a true total archives of deadstock media, I’d be linking to my holiday hit song, “Y’All Come.” Instead, here’s a link to the ersatz version sung by Daisy Duke and Loretta Young and a very special episode of the Dukes of Hazard. Insert snow


Thanksgiving not Christmas specia (which features far too many toothy shots of non-musical children wandering around the stage). Bring on Bobby and Cissy!

Films I’ll be screening in the next few days

Snow: Saddest Music in the World,
Survival: Island in the Sky, Heroes of the Telemark
Pomp: Ben Hur
Nostalgia: Holiday Inn
Never: Holiday Affair, Christmas in Connecticut

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