Archival Lament: Barbour 1975 Catalog

Ebay item: 200327720729

Alas, this 1975 Barbour catalog already sold on ebay before I had a chance to place a bid. For now, I’ll console myself w/a squinting study of the auction photos and product descriptions. Join me!
On the subject of ebay laments, here’s a waxed cotton Barbour creel bag I’ve been hunting for for several years, per a post by Andy @ Referene Library.
If you’re aging (like me) and have no home for your own complete set of vintage Barbour catalogs, please send them my way so I might redistribute them to a broader electronic audience. Better to shop from Barbour’s past than to await the next, out-of-price range Barbour x [X ?] release.

In related news, here’s an excellent bit of waxed cotton reportage on the Ursula “Molloy” jacket by Dominic Stansfield.

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