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  1. Adam–

    Thanks for the link. They sell models for women too. If you get a chance could you snap a pair of your mocs. I’d love to post a photo in next week’s modern moc review.

    Web images for Arrow are a little on the low-res side.


  2. A subject near and dear to my heart. Have you seen Carl Dyers’ versions (www.carldyers.com)? They occupy the place between Arrow and Russell in terms of cost and finish. Another interesting option is Mountain People Footwear.

    Have you run across any of the weirder handmade american shoes? http://fernandfootwear.com/ is charming in a weird way.

    Ultimately I had to compromise and buy mass market moccasins — both because of their lower cost, and because I couldn’t find anything that looked exactly like these, but was better made. If the leather were nicer, and they were sewn instead of cemented to the sole, they’d be my ideal moccs. As is, they’re just pretty close. http://www.sperrytopsider.com/store/SiteController/sperry/productdetails?stockNumber=0615930&showDefaultOption=true&skuId=***7********0615930*M100&productId=7-100510&catId=cat100068DM

  3. Hey guys. Thanks for all the new moc leads and links. If you have photos of your own mocs, send them to me at Lesli@archivalclothing.com

    I’d like post user shots of modern mocs for my review. Web images for many of these small shops really stink. I’m drawing on Japan sites for better reference images. Arrow looks terrific. Longtime fan of Russell. Would like to know more about the kind of leather used by each manufacturer. Source, etc?

    The more I search, the less certain I am about the perfect pair. Custom or not? Double soled leather or plantation crepe?

  4. hello – i thought i posted a comment but must not have hit send… so it goes.

    great post. i’m saving my $ and counting the days until i can get a pair of Arrow Ring boots – double soled. right now i make do with two pairs of minnetonkas – one a regular moc and the other a fringe boot. both are very comfy and the leather on the double soled minnetonka moc is holding up well – worn to the store, in the yard, walking around the neighborhood etc. well worth the $. but still i want those Arrows!



  5. Those are amazing photos. Where did you find them? Back in the 70s I had a great pair of doubled-soled moccasins from Bean (very heavy leather, probably made by Quoddy back then) but made the mistake of wearing around town and the soles wore through pretty fast. Which leads me to ask re outersole, have you considered a thin Vibram sheet material, or the Newporter (a la Russell Thula Thula)?

  6. I’ve been <> to buying a pair of Arrow dbl. soled ring mocs…but I just can’t see when I would use them in NYC, where I live. I guess you can seal the leather and seams to keep out water but the sole is going to wear out pretty fast, I think. What do you think?

  7. @ Andrew and Peter: Quoddy makes a Ring Moc with leather sole, but they also make one with a gum sole – more suitable for city streets. A friend in NYC has a pair and loves them, no holey soles yet!

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