8 thoughts on “Archival News: Filson wool totes and field bags”

  1. Reverend D–agree that the field bag in wool tweed is a bit problematic (snagging issues in dense brush??).

    I am a sucker for that wool tote however (it will come in a green tweed pattern as well).

    Amy–hey, thanks for the NY Times link. Here’s an even more troubling report on the newfound popularity of Barbour UK celebrity interest):


    Of course, these articles never mention how much stalwart brands like Filson and Barbour have actually changed, devolved, dropped in quality over the past ten or so years (so their timelessness might be a bit of a stretch). And I’m not really sure how Hanes t-shirts got slipped into the mix!

  2. Leslie, that thing will never see dense brush on which to snag!

    Different strokes, I really liked the field bag, and felt the tote was very “Me,too!”. Do we really need another variation on the open topped tote?

    The frugalist (did I just make that word up?) in me can’t get past the indestructible LL Bean canvas outlet totes…. =)

  3. I’m a huge fan of the LL Bean boat and tote (still made in Maine, I believe, despite the creep of custom colors, new zipper options, etc). Even the most exotic option costs less than 40 bucks


    You could get the Filson green tweed bag and a matching Nigel Smythe seat pack Rivendell. That way, you and your Bleriot could dress alike for Take Your Bike to work day.

  4. “Danielle Radojcin, fashion editor of Handbag.com, said that the classic Barbour was ‘cool in an ironic way and that’s been recognised by celebrities'”

    Jeez. I might have to get myself a new “waxed silk jacket aimed at younger women” and wear it “ironically”. Horrors.

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