Archival out and back

It has been a happy, hectic spring. Archival operations continue to expand. We’re now shipping out sizeable orders to domestic and international retailers. New bag styles and colorways are in the works. We’re looking for commercial space and planning to bring on a production manager this summer. In the midst of the “blooming, buzzing confusion,” I’m working to qualify for Paris-Brest-Paris – the premier randonneuring event – a 1200k brevet (or bike ride) held every four years in France. I’ve completed my 200, 300 and 400k rides. The 600k remains. Here are a few snaps from last week’s 400k, a loop from Wilsonville to Eugene and back. ST, Archival Clothing’s tab numberer, joined me on the ride.

Archival travel baggage (AC, Filson and vintage Land’s End)

5 a.m. ride start (24+ hours to go)

Kevin, a first year randonneur, and his front loaded touring rig

The only Hill-Side kerchief on the course

Joel and Sara. Early information control

Passing view

Acorn saddlebag. Bill heading towards Sweet Home

Saddlebag adornment. Joel’s Carradice

Lane County. No nukes!

Marcola. David countering the cold with ice cream

Harrisburg. Pause to add supplemental wool layers

North of Albany

Around 1 a.m. Rallying against the chill

Vanilla at the Plaid Pantry in Salem, Oregon

More reasonable transportation at this hour

End is near. Joel on his vintage Jack Taylor

Return to La Quinta. 24 hours and 24 minutes later

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