Archival Paddle Tennis

As much as I enjoy tennis, I prefer the snappy uniforms worn by these vintage gents playing paddle tennis.  For reference, paddle tennis is an indoor variation of the traditional tennis played with solid rackets and underhand serve on a smaller court.  I liken paddle tennis to the elegant, east coast cousin of  pickleball, a PE course requirement in 1980s Eastern Washington.   Per usual,  I endorse any sport that permits you to wear clothing that still resembles what you might wear to work.  I’m shopping for a pair of deadstock saddle shoes so I can start working on my own, from-the-ground-up, paddle tennis ensemble.   See below for step by step illustrations on how to play the game. 


3 thoughts on “Archival Paddle Tennis”

  1. This indoor version looks similar but the paddle tennis I know is played outdoors in the fall and winter. Also called platform tennis. Always doubles. The ball can hit the screens and still be in play. Courts have lighting for the evenings. People don’t always look as sharp as those chaps, but denim, corduroy, flannel and wool are often the performance fabrics. I wish they had it in the PNW…

    You would be great at this sport, Lesli!

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