Archival Release – Hollows Leather Belt

Our newest collaboration with Hollows Leather, based in Minneapolis, is our Archival Leather Belt in waxed harness leather.  Like all of the products out of Nick’s workshop, this belt is stylish, durable and built to endure.  This one is made from 11 oz russet harness from Wickett & Craig in Pennsylvania, abrasion-resistant waxed nylon and a raw-brass Japanese double garrison buckle.  Heavily waxed harness leather works great for belts because it holds up well to the elements, needs infrequent care and is both thick and flexible.  The edges on Nick’s belts are beveled and finished with beeswax.  It should last you a lifetime.   For more details or to place an order, visit our Archival Web Shop.

5 thoughts on “Archival Release – Hollows Leather Belt”

  1. $110.00 for a belt! I like it but $110.00 for a belt! It’s not a good idea to spend $110.00 for a belt. And it is good looking. I’ll spend $25.00 max. Any belts for $25.00 and I’m on it.
    Dana Law
    San Diego

  2. Dana-

    Just to clarify, this is a handmade belt made by a master craftsman in the USA from best quality materials. The price reflects Nick’s skills, labor and materials costs. Yes, I’m sure you can source a 25.00 belt made overseas from imported materials. As it were, even belts produced in batch quantities from quality US makers run in the 60 – 75 buck range. The used market is always an alternative if you wish to source a quality belt at lower pricepoint.

  3. Lesli,
    Thank you for the explanation and the idea for saving $.
    I do respect the quality and craftsmanship of Archival goods.
    I’m significantly chastened.
    I still can’t afford a $110.00 belt but I sure want one.
    Dana Law
    San Diego

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