Archival Restock: Chester Wallace Totes

For December, we’re adding a new Chester Wallace tote the AC web shop. The colorway is evergreen and navy with a flash of yellow. Body and base are made from #10, vat dyed, government spec’d waxed cotton. While I had originally requested a green and black combination, Patrick, the bag’s designer, suggested olive with a navy base. In his words, “the green was more with the navy than with black in an Albers way“.

We’re also adding replacement Chester Wallace straps to the AC web shop so you can mix and match colorways at home.

1 thought on “Archival Restock: Chester Wallace Totes”

  1. I love how these bags have been around for a while. Truly classic design and unbeatable colorways.

    I ride a scooter to work and also usually bring my lunch, which consists of a few glass tupperwares and a box of salad. I think this foldover tote is the perfect carry solution, since I can sling it over my shoulder while riding.

    Is there a chance that this particular colorway will be restocked? If not, I will just wait around for the next colorways involving green or yellow to be introduced in the store.

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