Archival Review: Handlebar Bags

Ostrich Bag (Velo-Orange)

Custom jobber, Dan Boxer Bicycles (not for sale)

Lynne F’s Acorn (the new champ)

Rivendell Boxy Baggins Bag (no longer available)

Gilles Berthoud GB 2086 Handlebar Bag (Wallingford Bicycles)

Ruth’s Tough Traveler

Inujirushi Handlebar Bag (Jitensha Studio or Japan)
Gilles Berthoud Mini 86 (mine, sewn by Veronique!)

Vertical stacking load

In situ

Pencil Vs. Berthoud

11 thoughts on “Archival Review: Handlebar Bags”

  1. Those are wonderful pics of rando bags. I’ve been enjoying your blogs for a couple of weeks now. Great topics!

  2. Thanks for the bag additions/updates! I’ve seen (and liked) the Acorn seatbags but not the front handlebar bags.

    The Inujirushi is my rare bird/Audbon/Scarlet ibis sighting.

  3. The Inujirushi is my rare bird/Audbon/Scarlet ibis sighting.

    They aren’t quite as rare here in Oakland – especially when I used to stop by Jitensha every weekend just to stare at the wares. I stopped, since I felt bad only buying random fender hardware and the flat bars.

  4. Great compilation! I am searching for a rando bag now, looks like I’ll have to be patient and wait for Acorn to start taking orders again in a few weeks.

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