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Archival Revival: Barbour Retriever Bag

1990s catalog

1980s catalog

One of my favorite Barbour bags, the Sports Twin Pack (rebadged the Waxed Cotton Retriever Bag), is once again available. I sold off my original version a few years ago due to an intense mildew odor (the problem with purchasing “vintage” barbour on ebay). I’d definitely like to secure a new version (UK made, I hope) before it disappears again.

I’ve always coveted the simple, unstructured musette-style of this bag (designed to be carried over the shoulder or worn on the belt of a Barbour International jacket). In fact, I’ve been drawing design inspiration from original catalog images of the sports twin pack for my own waxed cotton musette project.
Available here (UK)
Available here (UK)
And here (US)

Just stumbled on this more minimalist version of the Retriever Bag (pockets on an envelope):

Waxed Cotton A7 Bag (same strap as International belt)

8 thoughts on “Archival Revival: Barbour Retriever Bag”

  1. It’s a good one. For US folks–I’ve been told that either bag could be ordered by a local US dealer. Has anyone actually tried to order one? It looks like Orvis might be out of stock.

    Send photos and reports if you become a lucky owner.

  2. Here are a few pics I took of my wife modeling the bag. I ordered it from the UK before Christmas and really love it except it really needs snaps on the corners as they tend to open up letting rain in 🙁 After trying to wear it and failing as it’s so big, I just use it as a saddlebag. Odd use for it but it works and looks great.

  3. Lesli,
    it’s my understanding that the A7 can be used instead of the belt that comes with the international, kinda at a rump sack. I considered ordering one, still might.

  4. Eric–

    Thanks so much for posting those photos. They definitely give me a much better idea of the “profile” of the bag and the potential for gapping.. Chris Bray of Billy Kirk has designed an interesting internal flap system for his field bag that prevents this type of vulnerability to rain.

    Let me know how you like the bag over time!


    I really like the idea of the bag/belt integration. I’m wondering if many users have tried this combo before. Since the International is so well endowed with pocketing I’m not sure of the use value of this “surplus” pocket. Although I do like it as a standalone bag…

    Send along more photos as they become available!


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