Archival Rock Climbing

by Tom Bonamici

I started rock climbing when I was a pup of 8, but I’m afraid that it was already the age of neon tights and other unfortunate synthetics. However, as I browsed the climbing section of the Eugene Public Library, I came across quite a range of alternative climbing garb. Himalayan Climber, by Doug Scott, was one of my favorite volumes. I’ve checked it out time and time again, and I’m always rendered speechless by this perfect image:

Not only does the climbing look great (easy, exposed, solid), but Mr. Scott’s outfit is really beyond compare. A few more shots from Himalayan Climber follow, as well as a few possibilities for archival mail-order from the 1972 Chouinard catalog.

6 thoughts on “Archival Rock Climbing”

  1. Great work.

    I think you’ll enjoy Dr. Brad Washburn’s “Exploring The Unknown” Check it out on Google book search.

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