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Archival Turntables: Califone Promenade

In lieu of going to the gym, I’m hosting an LP recreation hour at home.  My turntable of choice is the portable Califone Promenade.  I was fortunate enough to score mine at a local Boys & Girls Club garage sale.  The Promenande is a tube amp player with speed adjustments for 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm records.  It also doubles as a low watt PA system in case you need to direct a local pep rally or communicate with your neighbors from a remote location.  The entire unit folds up into its own portable case.  Inspired by Frank Fairfield, I have dreams of carrying my Califone on flights as my only carry on luggage. The Promande is a relatively rare Califone unit.  If you love records and you don’t want your LP sound system tethetered to a specific room, sift ebay listings for the more common solid state model.   Here are some photographs of a rare bird Promenade currently on offer via this auction.  But it now!

2 thoughts on “Archival Turntables: Califone Promenade”

  1. I just noticed this on ebay today, then I read this! I need to get a spare Califone as mine is getting worn out. I DJ country 78s up here in Toronto, and the Califone is great as it plugs right into a club’s PA. I inspired a buddy of mine, and now he DJs as well down in Austin. Check hm out… http://djgiver.com/
    Colonel Tom
    Toronto CANADA

  2. Hello, I have the Promenade 42A. I need a new cartridge and I have no idea what kind to get. Please help.

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