Archival Update: Black Rucksacks in Stock

Terry, our local sewer, just delivered a stunning, ebony batch of Archival Clothing rucksacks. For this round of waxed twill bags, we sourced elegant, black Horween aniline chromexcel leather for a modern, monochrome look.* We also modified the strap adjustment system to accommodate a wider size range of users. Since Tom is now operating out of Brooklyn, Sara has taken over the work of stamping each individual rucksack strap keeper. Look for her handiwork as well on our future production run of field bags.

Rucksacks in ranger tan, olive and gray can be purchased from our web shop or via our retailers.

Send email inquiries about our product offerings to info@archivalclothing.com

*Our signature red bar tacking remains.

4 thoughts on “Archival Update: Black Rucksacks in Stock”

  1. These bags are incredible, and at a great price at $240.
    I love almost anything made with Horween leather, I am obsessed with Wolverine boots right now for example!

    Do you post worldwide? I live in Scotland, UK?

    many thanks.

    Savile Joe

  2. I scored this Rucksack in Black from Boxdogs bikes in San Francisco last week.. Rode around celebrate World Series SF Giant….. bar hopping and sleepless night on couches.. perfect size

    now in Thailand… I love iT….
    will post some pics and review soon…

    shameless self promotion at http://cyclezine.net

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