Archival Update: Musettes Coming Soon

By Lesli and Tom

If nothing else, we at Archival Clothing don’t make idle threats. Remember last May when we mentioned an interest in producing an Archival quality musette? Six months later, we’re happy to report that a small run of our musettes is in production. Details below; in the absence of finished products, we offer this selection of historic musettes for your consideration.

In two weeks, we’ll release two styles of waxed cotton musettes. The Musette is a simple envelope-style bag with a fixed shoulder strap. The Flap Musette, slightly bigger, has a flap closure, adjustable strap, and inside pockets. These bags are designed to combine the simplicity of the cycling musette with the durability and use value of a field bag.

The Archival Clothing musettes are made of stout, closely woven waxed cotton and military-grade cotton webbing. All edges are bound in waxed cotton tape, and all stress points are bar-tacked. Solid brass hardware is used throughout. Made only for Archival Clothing in Springfield, Oregon, these bags are practical and free of complications. Watch this space for ordering information. We’ll have the bags available within two weeks.

Tom talks with Terry, our sewing contractor.

20 thoughts on “Archival Update: Musettes Coming Soon”

  1. I am almost as certain that I will want one as I am that I will not be able to afford one. But in fifty years, I’ll hope to find one in a flea market somewhere in Nevada where I’ll buy it and either a) pass it on to my robust grandchildren or b) sell it for a mint to a Japanese collector.

  2. Hey Anon. We’ll be pricing bags so we can work with a local manufacturer, source best quality materials and sustain our enterprise over time (so the bags do not become scarce artifacts to be kept by Japanese collections). I’m not sure about your price point, but both models will be relatively affordable (and cheap by comparison with comparable bags on the market).

  3. Any information on the make of the red plaid cap?
    I like that it has a shorter bill/ visor, yet isn’t one of those trendy bike courier’s caps with the too-low-turned visors.

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