Archival Update: Rucksacks Available

We’re happy to present our latest bag model: the Rucksack. Made in Springfield, Oregon, USA, from 22-ounce Waxwear waxed cotton twill, brass hardware, military-spec cotton webbing, and Horween Chromexcel leather. Practical and free of complications, we’re confident that our Rucksack will equal or exceed any other rucksack available in function, durability, comfort, and long-term value.

1 – Lightly padded back panel provides overall structure and protection from awkward cargo. Pack rides closely and load does not sag.
2 – Shoulder straps attach into side seam, curving straps around body for comfort.
3 – Twin outer bellows pockets are easy to access and are nicely sized for smaller personal items.
4 – Single Horween Chromexcel leather strap is light, durable, and convenient.
5 – Dimension is taller and narrower. Loads carry best in this configuration.
6 – Drawstring around top opening keeps load secure and further prevents bag flopping.
7 – Two inch wide webbing shoulder straps are perfectly comfortable for loads up to 25 or 30 pounds.
8 – Convenient locker loop.
9 – Double-layered bottom ensures a long life.
10 – Fully finished inside and out. Seams fully bound in our own waxed canvas bias tape. Stress points are bar-tacked or riveted. Snaps and rivets are reinforced with leather washers.

A limited number of our Rucksacks, in Ranger Tan or Black, are available immediately. The cost is $240 + $16 shipping (in the lower 48). Act quickly, as there are few bags remaining. Please email info@archivalclothing.com to reserve your bag, or to inquire about international shipping.

13 thoughts on “Archival Update: Rucksacks Available”

  1. Having just received mine, I can vouch that it is indeed ” Practical and free of complications.” It is near perfect in simplicity. The foam backing is just right as the sack retains its flexibility and the shoulder harness is very comfortable. I cannot wait to take it on a few short hikes this weekend. Thanks Tom and Lesli for taking the time to create and produce this wonderful ruck.


  2. These look fantastic. The longer and narrower shape, in addition to it hitting right where it should at the small of the back, make this a guaranteed comfortable carry.

  3. Blogger Lesli Larson said…


    Thanks for all the comments and kind feedback about the rucksack. We were up late last night wrapping bags for a big shipment this a.m. We appreciate your support for all of our custom bag projects. More to come.

    Please note that the rucksacks are available to purchase now. We’re down to single digits in our rucksack inventory. Once this order sells out, we’ll prepare a second order, most likely ready in 1-2 months.

    If you’d like to order one of the remaining rucksacks or would like to be added to our email news list, contact us at info@archivalclothing.com

    We also have remaining stock of musettes, flap musettes and totes.

    Web shop launching soon!

  4. Looks amazing. I’m a freelance designer and carry my macbook around everywhere. I own a Filson rucksack and find it to be not very functional for all the reasons you listed especially the weight combined with a computer…same thing with the Filson computer bag. Recently picked up a Fjallraven laptop bag and find it to beamazing for lugging around a cpu but not nearly as good looking as your bag. I would take a look at this bag if you consider a computer pocket.

  5. Hi Derick: Thanks for your input. We probably won’t be adding a dedicated laptop sleeve to the Rucksack, but we do plan on producing separate laptop sleeves… stay tuned.



  6. yes! these look very very nice. Solomon I’m with you, can I also ask/wonder how many litres the bag holds (right word?)

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