Archival Update: Steele Totes Available

Steele Canvas Basket Co. tote in #4 (24 oz) army duck

We just received our first shipment of Steele Canvas Basket Co. totes. While stock Steele totes are made from #6 (21 oz.) duck, ours will be produced in natural, untreated, stand up stout, #4 (24 oz.) canvas duck. We’re adding a simple internal pocket, 2″ U.S. stencil and requesting an 8″ handle length. Dimensions: 17″ L x 10″ W x 17″ D.

Available here.

Also, Steele sent us the first sample of our square bottomed janitor’s bag. The bag is based on a vintage catalog image from the Steele Canvas Basket Co. archives. We’ve tweaked dimensions, added longer handles and specified that the bag be made in #4 army duck. Let us know what you think.

Steele Canvas Basket Co. janitor’s tote (aka laundry bag).

7 thoughts on “Archival Update: Steele Totes Available”

  1. Good catch on the “U.S.” stencil. Should duplicate each other. What about a more vintage stencil for the janitor’s bag (if they can find one for me that prints evenly)?

    Do you still have inventory of your black Steele totes??

  2. Anon–

    I really like the visual detailing of the stencils. Connects product to a specific historical manufacturing tradition (brinks bags by Steele) and breaks up the vast plain of army duck.


  3. Think the janitor’s bag will be available by October? I have a big flea market to go to and I think the bag would be great.

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