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Aspirational Anatomica

Posted on: December 17th, 2016 by Lesli Larson

I first encountered Japanese brand Anatomica via a Paris shop that carried canvas deck shoes (Sperry repros) and modified last Aldens. Recently, I started following the Anatomica Instagram feed which provides a better optic on their Tokyo store offerings (from brogues to berets). I’m primary smitten by their spare, unisex, sanded down military styles (lots of olives, beiges, flight jackets, khakis, anoraks) modeled by both men and women. Engineered Garments for an older, upscale audience. The Anatomica IG feed provides daily surprises like the sudden appearance of a broom motif or creative color blocking. At the moment, I’m wishing I could purchase the recently featured, padded pullover puffer which I’m declaring the official garment of 2017. Look for yourself.











  1. Alan on

    Where do you find a beret as in the first photo? Lost the one I had and can’t find another in stores.

    1. Lesli Larson Post authoron


      I need to do some research on berets. I have a UK friend who seems to now be wearing them on a daily basis. My own impulse would be to shop for vintage or military surplus ones on ebay. I used to steal mine during my teen years from my dad (who was an Army colonel). Let me know if you find any sources? I’ll search some of my Japansese sites.

    2. Lesli Larson Post authoron

      Not sure about a source for berets. The one in the photo is from the UK. I imagine that vintage/mil surplus would be your best supply source.

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