8 thoughts on “Criminal Faces of North Shields”

  1. Not heard of Tyne and Wear? Heavens to Betsy!
    As pointed out above, home of a little factory specialising in the waxed jackets.
    By the way. Any news on the Leather key Loop fairy?

  2. James Williams wears an interesting fisherman’s gansey, not so much for the pattern, which is pretty common, but for the fact his has short sleeves. I’ve looked at a lot of pictures of ganseys and that’s the first time I’ve seen that.

  3. I live in North Shields, but am not relation to any of the unsavoury characters above.
    You’re not quite right to say we’re the home of Barbour, that’s South Shields. As much as I love this classic brand there is no love lost between North and South Shields.
    Cabourn certainly is someone we’re particularly proud of!

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