10 thoughts on “Cycling Dangerously: Practices Condemned By The Transport Minister (1934)”

  1. You’r missing the point. In 1934 in Britain almost everyone cycled and motoring was the preserve of a tiny minority of rich people. These posters are telling people to get out the way of their betters who in fact were the ones who caused most of the danger on the roads. It’s straight forward victim blaming the same as most government road safety campaigns for pedestrians and cyclists ever since.

  2. lots to ponder here…

    and yes… “bears a charmed life”
    such a life can disrupt the chance for a normal future

    I will have to snag some of these and share on my bicycle blog

  3. @ anonymous I love your take on this, and there are times I think we cyclists ought to (at risk of injury?) remind drivers that WE ARE TRAFFIC. RIding three or four abreast, not legal…but rid two by two in the middle of the lane IS (in Indianapolis, at least) and so on.

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