Distant Admiration: Filson Big Creek jacket

Not sure what’s up with the repeated use of “creek” as part of the naming convention for the new Filson product line, but I really both of the garments which make use of this word: the women’s Tin Cloth Creek jacket and the men’s Shelter Cloth Big Creek jacket. From afar, the Big Creek jacket looks like a competent but bland canvas chore coat or Wal-Mart bomber. What you miss from a catalog or online view is how well all the individual details plus the waxed cotton finish pull the coat together. Forever, I’m a fan of knit cuffs, collars, wool faced waxed fabric and two way zippers. This jacket has all those elements PLUS a rear game pocket (or map case, in the parlance of the modern day Filson catalog). I’ll definitely be petitioning Filson to release a version for women in 2009. Given Filson’s over-generous sizing (see blog entry below), guys might want to sign my petition too.

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