Distant admiration: Limmer boots

I seem to be in a state of boot and heavy duty shoe envy at the moment. In Portland, I spied a gent in a full new union suit: Filson tin cloth jacket, Levi 501s and Red Wing boots. Though this look is popular in certain online pockets of the world, Portland guys seem to be sticking to peacoats or black nylon jackets, dark denim or cargo pants and (sometimes) designer sneakers. The Filson gent lingered long enough for me to admire his boots and attempt a (failed) spy shot.

The Red Wing sighting prompted me to ask a salesman as a local workwear store about the availability of Red Wings in the area. He commented on the fact that distribution issues have made Red Wing more scarce in the Northwest although he did remember a Red Wing store located “somewhere out near Oregon City.”

I have longterm list of footwear wants. Red Wings are pretty low on the list at the moment (despite distant admiration) since I’m assuming that they won’t be offering work boots for women and probably do not have a customizing option. However, I keep forgetting, remembering and than moving Limmer boots to the near top of my list. I’ve always loved the look of lace-up mountaineering boots and Limmer is the kind of company that requires you to send in a paper sketch of your foot in order to be sized for their boots. For that reason alone, everyone should purchase a pair.

2 thoughts on “Distant admiration: Limmer boots”

  1. Leslie- We have a Red Wing dealer in town, and I have both a pair of well loved RW 875’s and Limmer Light-Weights in my closet (or on my feet) any time you want to ogle. You need a set of the Walkers- the same wait as a Riv, but you don’t need to leave them outside when you go in to get baked goods.

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