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Earl’s Apparel Fatigue Trousers

Our pal Jason found a pair of these pants in the back of a hardware store. We were thrilled to find out that Earl’s Apparel is still going strong, making durable clothing in Crockett, TX. Easily the same quality as similar fatigue pants that cost far more, Earl’s fatigues are made from a super comfortable mid-weight 100% cotton sateen. Features include metal fly zip, patch pockets front and rear, and lots of reinforcements to ensure a long life. These trousers have a comfortable fit, and fit true to size – please compare the measurements in our store with pants you already own and love. Available now in the Archival store.

8 thoughts on “Earl’s Apparel Fatigue Trousers”

  1. These are pretty good pants! Glad to see them getting wider distribution in the Archiv-o-sphere – Hickoree’s has been carrying them too. I like how thick the sateen is relative to their inspiration, the OG-507 utility trouser.

    I’m always curious about costs and margins in the apparel business – according to a lawsuit these guys were involved in, they were being paid $5 to sew jeans. Someday, could you do a post about the business of making good quality clothing?

  2. Bought a pair at Hickorees before they sold out. Fantastic pants.

    I’m currently wearing the Earl’s raw jeans. It’s a bit of a Dad cut, but feels like good quality. I’ll try giving them another soak tomorrow.

  3. HI!! I am the 3rd generation @ Earl’s Apparel and we are still going strong! We make GREAT QUALITY clothing (all made in Crockett, Tx)and have these pants in stock for immediate shipping to any retail store in the world. If you are interested in these (or would like a catalog) you can call 800-527-3148 (a family member will answer) or you can fb friend us @ facebook.com/stanray.pants and get weekly updates and pictures of our products and an inside look at our factory.

  4. Alicia, thanks for your comment! We have been trying to continue working with you but have had some communication gaps, please send me an email at tom (at) archivalclothing.com!! Thanks so much!

  5. Love these pants, I wondered if anyone on here could help me with an email address for someone at Earl’s apparel so I can order some over here in the UK?

    Thanks in advance!

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